Special exhibitions

Each year the museum draws on its rich collections to mount a special temporary exhibition celebrating a significant aspect of life and times past in Wimbledon. Sometimes the focus is on a notable individual, such as Horatio Nelson, William Wilberforce, or Rose Lamartine Yates, exploring their impact locally, nationally and occasionally internationally. Other exhibitions celebrate events or iconic landmarks, such as last year's centenary exhibition for Wimbledon Theatre. This was preceded by a display interpreted largely through contemporary maps, charting the story of the rapid growth in population and urban development in the town centre, which took over from the village as the 'heart of Wimbledon' between 1880-1920.

The exhibition team always strives to choose subjects which not only hold relevance to Wimbledon's local history, but also contain a level of national or international significance, to command wider popular appeal. Many of these exhibitions can be found at the new Norman Plastow Gallery, which opened in February 2012 and renamed in March 2014.