Jack Swaab interview: Early years

My name is Jack Swaab, I was born in Bognor Regis, Sussex on 15 March 1918.

What were your parents' names, their backgrounds and how big was your family?

My parents originated in Holland. They came over here about the turn of the century when they got married.* My father was called Samuel Swaab, my mother was called Rachel Mina Henrietta and we had in the family two boys and two girls. Two girls first and then two boys, of which I was the first.
* They were naturalised as British citizens.

What were their names?

Ellie, Louise (who was always called Be), then myself and my brother Dick.

Where did you live in the first part of your life before you moved to Wimbledon?

I lived in South East London in Sydenham.

What year did you move to Wimbledon?

I moved to Wimbledon in 1948, after I got married.

So you spent your childhood in Sydenham?

Well, most of it I spent away because I was in boarding school  and then I went abroad on holidays and then at university and then I worked in London. It was then that I first moved to Wimbledon. I was in digs in Woodside.