Fred Bowden interview: Rearing a family

During those years. I was demobbed in 1946. My son David was born in 1947. He went to Hollymount School at five. He passed the 11 plus exam at 13. He went to Tiffin Grammar School. He got a …what do you call it...a singing scholarship to Trinity College Cambridge, because he was a singer, and he became a doctor. He has just retired as a GP in Yorkshire. Tricia, our daughter, she was born four years later. She went to the same school. Went to this school down here. I forget what they call it, begins with a P…Pelham, in the grammar stream there. Anyway she went nursing and now she works for a drug company, travels round for a drug company. Let’s see. David’s retired for three years, she’s got another year to go before she retires. I’ve got seven grandchildren. All gone to university. Henry is a captain in the Yorkshire regiment. He’s been to Afghanistan three times, just come back. His brother, younger brother, Tom, he’s a captain in the Royal Army Medical Corps. He went to Oxford and got his medical degree. He’s a doctor. And the rest of them are there dispersed around. One of them is in Germany, all over the place. Seven grandchildren and I think I’ve got a great grandchild on the way in the summer.