Fred Bowden interview: Civilian working life

I was in charge of a Post Office in Vauxhall, back of Victoria station with a staff of about 13, 14. They was my officers. And after that I was required then to move on to administration in the head office and oddly enough my last year was spent on what they call Christmas arrangements. In other words, my particular job was recruiting Christmas temps but, how many would it be…some hundreds. Recruiting them, interviewing them, arranging to support them in the various offices, their wages. I had a smashing job, I enjoyed that. After Christmas came and went, I had the job of tidying up and putting all the records right etc. Carried me up until - my birthday being the 6th March - my last day in office was 5th March. Friday 5th March and as I had a month’s leave coming, my last week working was actually up until the 5th February which is 30 years from today as a Friday. No sorry, next Friday it will be. Yes, since then I’ve been retired.