Press cuttings overview

Newspapers and magazines are by their very nature ephemeral. Yet they can be a tremendously informative resource for the historical and social researcher, provided that somebody has retained the information and stored it accessibly. In view of the potential volume of material, inevitably there has to be some selectivity in the items collected which are deemed to be of interest. This leads to the decision to make and retain an individual press cutting.

The collection has been built up over the last thirty to forty years, particularly, although there are some older items. The range reflects the personal prejudices and preferences of a succession of curators.

The cuttings are housed in 54 ring binders, each indexed, detailing the date, subject matter and relevant publication. New items are added every year. The subsections are as follows: Bygone Wimbledon, Cannizaro, Churches, Charities, Common, Conservation, Controversies, Crime, Crown House, Dean City Farm, Environment, Health, Houses, Library, Local History, Miscellaneous, Museum, Personalities, Pubs, Roads, Schools, South Wimbledon, Sport, Theatre, Town Centre, Transport, Village, Wimbledon Park.

Collection enquiries and research

We are very happy to welcome members of the public who wish to consult our collections for research. Please contact us in advance to arrange an appointment at a time when the Museum is not open to the public.

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