Maps overview

This collection is of hundreds of maps of Wimbledon and different parts of Wimbledon. The museum has been able to assemble a comprehensive collection of almost all the available maps of Wimbledon. The maps are retained in protective sleeves with the catalogue number in the bottom right hand corner.

The hard back catalogue is in five ring binders. The catalogue number is based on the year of the map. The catalogue in digital form is in both Microsoft Access and Catalist.

For the millennium a book was produced “Wimbledon, a Surrey Village in Maps”, jointly by Richard Milward and the curator. This makes good use of the collection and is available from the Museum. A second publication “The Lull before the Storm” was produced in February 2002, which makes good use of the 1850 tithe appropriation map coupled with the 1841 Census.

We have not found a way of collecting contemporary maps, which today are mainly in digital form. The local Council for the Borough of Wimbledon were very generous in passing on to us out-of-date maps. This all finished in 1965 with the creation of the London Borough of Merton. Nowadays hard copies are very expensive, and even a registered charity has to pay royalty to the Ordnance Survey to reproduce them.

Collection enquiries and research

We are very happy to welcome members of the public who wish to consult our collections for research. Please contact us in advance to arrange an appointment at a time when the Museum is not open to the public.

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