Safe as Houses: Wimbledon at War 1939 - 1945

Safe as Houses: Wimbledon at War 1939 - 1945

Synopsis: In Wimbledon, during WWII, 150 people were killed, over 1,000 injured and nearly 14,000 homes were destroyed or damaged.This book gives a detailed account of this era with a wealth of contemporary photographs and a detailed map showing where the bombs fell. Wimbledon history book, illustrated 96 pages.

Author: Norman Plastow

Binding: Paperback

Book price: £8.00

p&p: £2.00


Price: GBP10.00

JimmiXzSq, 20.05.2017
David Webb, 20.12.2011
I recommend this book to anybody interested in the Blitz on London and the V1 raids in 1944, one week after D-Day. I was looking out of the bathroom window of our house in Burstow Road at 0835 on 19 June when I saw a flying bomb gliding towards me.. I ran down stairs and the explosion removed our roof, doors and windows. My mother and 2 brothers were already in the shelter.. This is the 3rd bomb described on page 79.
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