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NEW BOOK! A fascinating stroll through Wimbledon Village's long and illustrious modern history starting in 1500 through to the present day. Many of its street names document the development of the village and its manors and estates and the colourful people who inhabited them. Two roads are named after famous novels and the rest with a conucopia of differing origins.

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Facsimile reprint of the original 1874 rules of tennis (2nd edition) by the game's inventor, Major Wingfield.

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Many famous people have been linked with Wimbledon but Wimbledon is so much more than just the famous. Many of these fascinating people and important or interesting events were captured by the Wimbledon Society for a weekly Heritage series in the online version of the Wimbledon Guardian newspaper. All of those that appeared in the first full year of this series, 2011-12, are included in Heritage Tales. A fun and fact filled history of Wimbledon book.

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The growth of the village over the centuries illustrated by a series of maps, together with explanatory text.

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The story of Nelson and Lady Hamilton and their time at Merton Place. 20pp.

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